Commercial Ship Management

Qube Maritime is perfectly equipped to handle the many challenges and responsibilities involved in Commercial Ship management. Our team will provide you a full solution that is tailored to your needs, allowing you to focus your attention elsewhere without worrying about the continuity of your commercial and day-to-day operations. Qube Maritime Shipping can
• Determine marketing and sales strategies;
• Participate in various tenders;
• Prepare commercial offers;
• Negotiate contracts and terms;
• Prepare daily reports;
• Prepare all relevant invoices and financial reports;
• Serve as a 24/7 first point of contact for charterers.
Commercial Ship Management team brings a wealth of experience to all aspects of the technical, crew, and project management of a truly diverse and specialized fleet of managed vessels. Our experience spans conventional vessel types such as tankers, container and general cargo, and Roll-on/Roll-off (Ro/Ro) vessels, to specialized vessels such as deep-water pipe-layers, geotechnical and seismic research vessels and offshore construction support vessels. From salvage and anchor handling tugs (AHTs), jack-up and accommodation barges, to livestock carriers, Ro-Pax, trans-shippers and dredgers, our vast experience allows Qube Maritime to provide management solutions to a wide variety of ship owners. Qube Maritime specialises in providing tailored ship management solutions. We understand the commercial realities of operating in the modern shipping environment.

Maritime Consultancy & Warranty Surveys

Qube Maritime offers our clients cost effective, innovative and practical solutions with a team of experienced surveyors with expert knowledge. Our Consultants can provide a range of services to the Marine Industry, including:
• Ship/Terminal interface and operations including improvements and efficiency planning for cargo loading/unloading, infrastructure maintenance, expansion planning
• Expert Witness
• Investigations
• Salvage
• Training
• New build superintendency Transhipment Project scope and realisation
Our Marine Warranty Surveyor provides independent third-party review and approval of high value and/or high risk marine construction and transportation projects, from the planning to the execution stages. We can acts as a Marine Warranty Surveyor either on behalf of underwriters and their assureds, or for self-insured clients. Our marine surveyors have experience in every possible marine environment. From single voyage approvals right through to major offshore energy projects, our marine surveyors have the knowledge to ensure that risks are minimised. To help our clients, our marine surveyors can work with you wherever your project is based.

Ship Manning

At Qube Maritime we are committed to providing a comprehensive range of outstanding recruitment, crew management and training services with a real inside knowledge of the marine and offshore sectors. People are our key asset and our emphasis is on providing the best quality personnel with continuous management support to ensure a successful match between the individual and the organisation. We are service oriented Crewing Specialists, dedicated to offering each Principal our full attention and the highest level of expertise. We man the following types of ships: bulk, container, general cargo, passenger, reefer, ro-ro, chemical, product & oil tankers plus various types of off-shore vessels such as dive support, platform support, survey, seismic multi-purpose supply, cable lay, cable repair and pipe-lay units.

Projects Logistics Service Providers

Rigorous planning, superior execution and ultimate control; these are the key elements of successful project logistics. No cargo is too high, too wide or too heavy, and no location is beyond your reach with Project Logistics team. Whether it's relocating an entire factory offshore, or coordinating the remote site delivery of bulk mining equipment direct from the manufacturer, our team will project manage the end-to-end process, complete with a customised logistics plan, scope of works and on-site project management. As a complete international freight and Heavy Haulage provider, we can services all industries including construction, mining, power, oil and gas, and chemicals, and can provide: Specialised lifts Multi-modal shipments Marine and cargo surveys Heavy Haulage Expertise in regulatory compliance

Ship Breaking & Recycling

We have combined experience of over many years in Marine Operations as Team to excel this project SAFELY.
1. Having worked many years in Recycle industry, we have through Industry Knowledge & experience in operations, legal , finance and snp .
2. The vessels handled by us is the safe for investment.
3. We are legally strong and can assist in prevention of disputes & losses.
4. We are well connected in Bangladesh and can execute the sale deals easily.
5. We are experienced in assisting in GREEN RECYCLING
6. The shipping Market is Cyclical and at time Volatile. We have the skill & experience required to prepare and to interpret market reports including both statistical and written reports.
7. we are expert in understanding the factors influence the state (firmness or weakness) of the S & P Market generally and what factors influence each of these markets particularly.
8. Last but not least, the Ship owners respond favourably to sincere efforts of Marine Professionals.